HD Cinematography Slamdance Panel

I will be participating in a round table about shooting in HD. More info and a PDF of the special events taking place at Slamdance 2011 below.

HD Cinematography, featuring Panasonic’s AF-100 camera, formats & digital workflow
With Bernie Mitchell (Silver Platter Productions, Inc.), Illya Friedman (Hot Rod Cameras), CJ Gardella (Shunka)

Treasury Mountain Inn
Tuesday, January 25

A round table discussion with cinematographers and camera operators who have shot with HD cameras to get incredible quality on a limited budget. Learn about the newest generation of HD cameras including Panasonic’s much anticipated AF-100. Speak with experts and learn about the most effective technologies and work flow for your production. This is a great way to prepare for your next shoot!

Following the chat, please join Panasonic AVCCAM and 3D professional evangelist Bernie Mitchell and get your hands on the latest goodies from Panasonic.

Slamdance 2011 Special Events PDF